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Institute of Botany and Botanical Garden "Jevremovac"

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9AM - 7PM (Ticket are sold until 6PM)
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The celebration of St.Sava

27.01.2020, in the Great Hall of the Institute of Zoology, a celebration of St. Sava's school glory was held. On that occasion, the "Ivan Đaja" award for the best doctoral dissertation in the field of Physiology was given by Marija Adžić, research associate and Aleksandra Ružičić, research trainee of the Faculty of Biology for the best master's thesis. "Nedeljko Kosanin" awards from the field of Botany were presented for the first time to Vladan Djordjevic, research associate of the Faculty of Biology for the best doctoral dissertation and Vanji Milovanovic for the best master's thesis.

Tour of the Botanical Garden

Every first Saturday of the month at 12h we organize a tour of the Jevremovac Botanical Garden accompanied by our expert guides.
- The estimated tour time is 1h
- Visits are at a discounted price of 100 RSD per person (children under 8. years old do not pay)
- Prior registration is required by CALL at 064 / 823-79-19, no later than Friday, the day before the tour
- Please note that organized guidance does NOT apply to groups and field trips (kindergartens, schools, colleges, thematic lectures ...), which are subject to special organization with prior notice.
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